© 2013 "Hands Dance with Zebra Stripes"acrylic on canvas, collaged, 19” x 34”

Jan Kern is a visual artist who makes collaged paintings striking for their dramatic color interplay, strong design, and rich mix of global influences.

Her bold rhythmic abstractions are inspired equally by modern abstract painting and by the work of anonymous artists from across the ages who have used materials as

varied as cloth, clay, stone, wood, feathers and fiber.

Using a process that she has developed over many years, Kern combines the call-and-response spontaneity of collage with the permanence and vibrancy of painting.

Her pieces are all carefully made of acrylic paint applied to strips of

canvas that she then cuts up and

glues onto strong supports. But that is the final step.

Each piece begins months earlier with many days, weeks, or months of playful composing that starts when some visual element has caught her attention and invited her to engage.  The act of juxtaposing is what fuels her ideas.

"I am a collagist by nature.
I love to gather, juggle, juxtapose, build a whole out
of many parts. But I have a passion for color that can only be satisfied with paint…"

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